Refugee story: Noor

“I’m a father and a mother to my children now. I am learning English. I study every day. If I am able to learn English, I hope to finish my studies and get a job. I want a future for my children. When traveling on foot with my four children over the mountains from Syria to Turkey, it took three or four days. It was hard because my youngest was very, very young and I had to carry her, and my bags. It was very difficult. The mountain was very difficult. It was raining, and we would fall down, get back up, fall down and get back up. I think that was physically the hardest part.” Noor, mother of four.

Photo by Jo Metson Scott

“We got to the Macedonian border in March. We waited for a month, hoping it would re-open. We were sleeping in one small tent. It wasn’t like this camp here; it was just out in the open. There was no protection from the police like there is here. There was no support. I was scared to sleep at night in case one of my children would wake up needing the toilet and get lost, fall in the sea, or be snatched by a stranger. I was so scared there. At least this place offers protection and our basic needs. But I am scared of how they will cope this winter.

“I lost my husband. I am afraid to lose any of my children and I just want a good future for my children.” Noor, mother of four.

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