Are you our next Chair of Trustees?

We need an experienced Chair of Trustees to provide leadership to the Trustees and to support our CEO Paul as we grow and develop.

We’ve got a plan for the next 3 years and delivering it is going to take energy and commitment. Refugee numbers will continue to increase and and they will continue to need support to help them rebuild their lives. Governments are not doing enough nor will they. There is a huge demand for a nimble organisation that can complement UNHCR activities by setting up vital services more quickly than they can. As we expand in Cyprus and look to other countries we will face big challenges.

Our fantastic Board of Trustees is responsible for how we are governed. They make sure that we are fulfilling all our obligations to donors, employees, volunteers, suppliers and government bodies. The role of Trustee Chair is critical to make sure all that is being done correctly and efficiently.

We would love to hear from anyone who has experience in this role and an enthusiasm for supporting refugees at this critical time in our development. It will be challenging and it will be extremely rewarding.

We are advertising the role here. Or have a look at the job description here: Chair of Trustees job description

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