We created a thriving space with sewing machines

When we started the Dignity Centre in Cyprus in June 2019, we had no idea how the Women’s Room would grow.

In just 8 months, it became the Sewing Space and a cooperative with over 30 members and a Crochet Club, led by them.

The Sewing Space itself has gone from being a bleak room with only two sewing machines to having 14 sewing machines! It is thanks to generous donors like Care UK for providing these sewing machines and making it possible to meet the demand for learning in the Dignity Centre.

The number of products being made has also grown at a rapid scale. They have expended their skills and have an impressive collection of items including; aprons, Japanese aprons, 4 different kinds of bag, crochet hats and scarves, crochet cushions and make up purses. This is world away from the initial cushion covers and bags. This is also reflection of the members’ increased skill and dedication.

Each week there are 2 sewing classes held by our Master Tailor and teacher Ba.

Along with learning new skills, over 30 ladies are now receiving regular income.

These changes are a testament to the women’s hard work and passion. No one could have envisioned how enthusiastically the women would lead this initiative forward. It is now a thriving community.

To support these incredible and resilient women, purchase something from the Refumade Shop.

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