The sewing cooperative gets a male-over!

The Dignity Centre is all about enabling asylum seekers and refugees to rebuild their lives on their terms. Part of that is learning new skills and increasing their chances of getting a job.

This is why we prioritised the reopening of our Sewing Cooperative as soon as we welcomed Members back to the Centre after the Covid lockdown. And one of the things we were very keen to do was begin a project we had been planning for some time: to include men in our wonderful community of makers.

Until now, the Sewing Room has been a special place only for women, with the exception of Teacher Ba.

But now every Tuesday afternoon the ladies are passing the baton to the men and the room becomes a male kingdom. Well, almost, since our ladies who are volunteering are more than happy to help beginners!

We started enrolling the list of interested men we had collected over the last few months. We started with a small group and interest is growing fast. The new Sewing Cooperative members are mostly beginners willing to learn, but we also have a tailor.

Check in at our Refumade store to see what the women AND the men are creating and read how every purchase is making a difference to members’ lives!

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