The Refugee Support Express – 30 November 2017

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This week:

Breaking in Bangladesh

Friday marked John last day in Cox’s Bazar, but there was no rest for the weary before his journey back to Greece.

Following last weeks’ decision that Tumbru Camp was in need of aid with dignity first, John and the Bangladesh team met with Dil Mohammad, community leader, and the Army to organize escorts from the border guards into the camp, and to finalise distribution plans.

Dil has asked us to prioritise the 1,000 children under the age of five, and the 67 pregnant woman living in the camp. Trapped in No Mans’ Land, isolated and in an area where around a million people are in desperate need, the truth is that the whole camp needs help. It is testament to this community that they want us first to help the most vulnerable and – in his words – their future generation.

This purgatory is no place for any man, and whilst we’re doing everything we can to help, we need your support and donations to ensure that we can bring aid with dignity to all residents of the Tumbru Camp today.

Will you stand with us?


Keeping Up With Katsikas

Our fourth camp in Greece, Katsikas, is due to open in just over two weeks, and our volunteers are working hard to ensure that our market on the camp will be ready for its grand opening.

This week, Paul and John checked on how well the renovations to accommodation were progressing , and were happy to see that it is a hive of activity. Whilst life for refugees at our camps has been much improved thanks to our wonderful donors and volunteers, there are still many refugees in dire need of aid with cooperation around Europe.

We need your help to deliver our aid with dignity model. Will you donate your time and help us to support refugees today?


A Mile In My Shoes

‘Our journey to Turkey was a sad one. You could say a tragic one. We were chased by the members of Daesh. They shot at us – they were about to kill many times, of course. They took our identification papers to prevent us from leaving their territories, and they tried to take our two girls for marriage.’

This Monday, we were joined by Abdul-Salam and his family for our weekly podcasts. After ISIL laid siege in Deir ez-Zur, escape became a necessary measure for Abdul and his family, who were forced to make a terrifying and perilous escape from their war-ravaged home.

In this podcast, Abdul and his family courageously share their chilling tale, as well as their dreams for the future, for despite the horrors that they have witnessed, they remain optimistic and driven.

‘Our request is not impossible. We want medical care and education. We want peace, security and stability. Like other people. And we want to go back to Syria and to live in peace.’

We recommend that you take the time to walk a mile in the shoes of this incredible family by listening to their story. Tragic but also hopeful, Abdul and his families’ story will leave you with an enlightened outlook.

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Seasons Greeting

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the camp

Dinner was shared between warm, loving hands.

The market was bursting with food bought to share

By the love and the kindness of strangers who care.


The children were happy with shoes on their feet

Donated with love to the local shoetique.

Playing games with their friends and our kind volunteers,

There was no room for sadness, but only for cheers.


We invite you this Christmas to share your festivities,

By purchasing gifts from our non-profit charity.

With recipes, flavours, and spices galore

There’s a Syrian cookbook to satisfy all


We’ve got t-shirts and calendars, shipped straight to your door –

There’s gifts fit for everyone to love and adore!

The best part is all proceeds help offer support

And aid to refugees everywhere, small, tall and short


So by buying your loved ones a gift of significance,

You’ll be helping to make a magnificient difference!


We work hard to regain a small sense of normality,

And with help from you, friends, we can aid solidarity.


Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

Please contacts us today at if you are interested in volunteering, making a donation, or just want to get in touch.


Refugee Support

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