Standing with Refugees Podcast

We will air a conversation with someone extraordinary every Monday.

The people living or working through the current humanitarian crises affecting refugees are inspirational. We have launched a weekly podcast to give them a voice and to give everyone an opportunity to learn from them.

[New to podcasts? It is basically a radio show that you can listen to your phone or computer. Here is a good explainer and how-to guide.]

Every Monday, we will air a conversation with someone standing with refugees. Sharing these stories is the latest addition to our ‘Aid with Dignity’ model. We kicked off the series last week with our Country Leader Daniel Mendies talking about his lifelong journey into humanitarian work from Nepal to Afghanistan to Greece to Bangladesh. This week we hear from Abdul-Salam and his family who had to flee the ISIS threat in Syria, make a perilous journey across the Med and are now safe but stuck in Greece.

Paul Hutchings, CEO of Refugee Support Europe says “Even after 2 years working with refugees, I’m still bowled over by the compassion and conviction of the individuals who have chosen to help where the need is greatest. And I’m still inspired by the resilience and capacity of the people who have had no choice but to flee from violence. I’ve learnt so much from them, I would encourage everyone to listen and subscribe.’

You can listen to our podcast online here or subscribe with your favourite podcast service.

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