Superstar Coordinators needed

UPDATE 1 OCT: We have enough candidates for this post now so applications are now closed. We will re-open again when there are new vacancies, probably early 2022.

Can you stay calm and focused when hundreds of people are asking you for help and you have a group of short-term volunteers who are eager to provide it?

After 6 years of doing this work, it’s become clear that the most critical person in our whole operation is our Coordinator. Their job is to manage the actual delivery of our Aid with Dignity model and so everything hangs on their skills and ability.

Our new, clearer strategy is to provide short-term, essential aid with dignity, with volunteers and we need Coordinators to help set up and run our operations.

We currently work in Cyprus and UK also have plans to go to Greece, Spain and Mexico. But the Coordinator is such a critical factor, where and when we set up an operation really depends on where and when you can start work.

We rely heavily on volunteers, which we love, but the Coordinator role is a professional, paid position reporting directly to Paul Hutchings, Chief Executive. The role involves:

  • Inducting and managing a small team of short term volunteers and caring for their welfare
  • Supporting refugees to access our services in the most dignified way possible
  • Constantly seeking to improve and fine-tune our delivery of aid with dignity
  • Managing costs and recording all expenses
  • Reporting regularly to the Chief Executive about problems and progress

You will need to be:

  • A supremely good multi-tasker with bags of energy
  • Fantastic at communicating with a wide range of personality and nationality
  • Calm and clear thinking when you’re being constantly hit with a wide range of emotional demands
  • Able to remain compassionate and at the same time maintain a healthy detachment from the people we serve
  • Extremely patient and infinitely cheerful
  • Someone who really, really cares about people

We’ve worked with over 1,000 volunteers and they’ve been great but not many of them are able to tick all these boxes. Those that do have thrived doing humanitarian work.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the experience. Co-founder Paul and our Cyprus Coordinator Paula will show you what to do. We are most interested in your human qualities – if you have those, we’d love to see you become one of our superstars.

We are reliant on individual donations so pay is sadly restricted. It will be dependent on experience but expect €1,000-1,500 per month to start with. We’d need you to have a probationary period of 1 month and, assuming that goes well,  a commitment of at least 6 months working with us.

In the first instance please email Paul Hutchings a brief overview of your work experience and 300-500 words explaining why you think you have the qualities we need.

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