Helping the Helpers: Don’t worry about the online chat

It’s the eighth of our video series about helping in a crisis, and in this one, we talk to Coordinator Linda Wiegers who led our first project in Greece when things were really tough and we were learning lots. Serene, kind and capable, Linda talks to us about how online conversations about volunteering can be really unhelpful. You need to limit how much you read and how much you engage with it.

  • Most of us are connected to social media and there are so many opinions about volunteering that you can get lost in it
  • If you are emotionally involved, it can get very draining if you engage with too many posts
  • Focus on your own values and why you are doing the volunteering
  • The main work is working with the individuals you are helping, not fighting about it online

You can view all the videos in the series here.

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