Another Trustee Change

We’re delighted to welcome a new Trustee Michael who started working with Refugee Support when John Sloan got in touch earlier in the year: “We’re setting up an operation in Moldova. Can you help”. With good contacts in the region, he was an enormous help in getting us up and running there.

Michael was born in Malawi and has worked in and visited over 70 countries. He is a biochemist with an MBA and a day job as Managing Director of Enchange, an international supply chain and route to market consultancy firm. He’s worked with well over 100 organisations and led several 100’s of projects, many of which have been transformational; the vast majority have delivered financial improvements from several £100k’s to over £40m.

He says: “When I consider the plight of refugees, I see folk robbed of their homes, possessions, and livings. They seek refuge and are often met with hostility by would be hosts. This is what sets Refugee Support aside. We offer these people basic needs with dignity and a glimpse of hope. That is why I was hooked.”

“In addition to the governance duties of any trustee, my role at Refugee Support is to help scale and grow the organisation.”

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