Abdullah the Katsikas Baker

Bread is a popular staple all over the world and particularly important in the Middle East. That is why it is really gratifying to see Abdullah now able to supply the whole camp with great quality fresh bread.

Thanks to generous donors we have been able to help this enterprising young man fulfil his dream to bake bread for people, to have an important activity and to gain some independence.

Stuck on a refugee camp, there is very little to do and people need a purpose. After many months trying to establish his bakery elsewhere, it was obvious that with just a little help from us he would be able to make this a huge success.We provided a place to bake and some supplies, while Abdullah has all the expertise and put in all the work. He has also been well supported by his friends with more clear evidence of the social solidarity that exists on the camp.

And now he is baking every day with a bakery that is providing bread to the camp from 11am to 10pm every day.

This is just one of the ways we are offering aid with dignity through our Empowerment Fund project.

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