Volunteer story: Marta (Jan 20)

While I was in holiday in Cyprus I saw a volunteer walking past with a Refugee Support t-shirt and my life changed.

In two months, I had left my job, moved out from London and arrived in Cyprus to start my volunteering experience.

I have spent some years volunteering for various charities in UK, but it was my first time volunteering abroad, so I didn’t know what to expect and I was a bit scared, but it was an incredible experience.

I was worried that the environment could have been a bit gloomy given the horrible circumstances forcing refugees and asylum seekers to flee their countries, but I couldn’t be more wrong: it was impressive to see their smiles, their energy and their positive attitude towards life.

Refugees and asylum seekers come to the Dignity Centre to learn new languages and skills, but they are the ones who taught me how rewarding can be seeing someone else smile.

I had an amazing time with this fantastic group of volunteers and I loved this experience; special thanks to Laura, she was the volunteer who made me discover Refugee Support Europe!

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