Volunteer stories: Mario (Aug 20)

When I arrived in Nicosia in August 2020, I found a very well organised Dignity Centre with absolutely fine people working there.

Of course I went there in order to help, being moved by the pictures in the news and the awareness that it is an unearned privilege to be born in the rich west. And because of the good organisation and the workflow that absolutely made sense, I actually was able to become a part of the operation.

The nice thing about it was the professional guidance by those working full-time, the morning briefings, and the opportunity to participate in all parts of the operation. It was very rewarding to work with refugees, and to see and to realise, that these people actually needed what we had to offer and also appreciated our services.

In all contacts with colleagues and refugees I only had positive experiences, which was unexpected on my part, considering the great number of people involved. I hope I once will have the privilege to participate again.

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