Volunteer stories: Laetitia (Sep 16)

An emotional human adventure has just come to an end. I can’t find strong enough words to describe how incredible this experience has been. Such a good lesson of life, humanitarian, love given and received. Helping and loving each other is an easy base that everyone could follow but unfortunately we live in a world that also raises hate and rejection of differences.

After 3 weeks spent in a refugees camp in Alexandreia I want to leave with hope, hope that the people I just left will find a new safe home of happiness and freedom and every other people in this situation too. Despite their painful stories or loss they have to go through they still show smiles everyday, the children run around full of energy and freedom, hearing them laughing or calling you “my friend, my friend!” or saying “I love you”, giving handmade gifts, holding your hand, singing songs, or even helping unloading the heavy boxes from our van, it’s an endless list of demonstration of kindness and affection that everyone should experience by volunteering.

I am leaving Greece today, tight throat, with a feeling of sadness and guilt, but strength and motivation to continue helping as much as I can by sharing my experience to encourage anyone to go, also donating or being part of more active projects.

If you want to help the refugees please don’t think twice but go, it is accessible to everyone and 1 more person will always make a difference. When I was there it was beautiful to see volunteers coming from all around the world for the same cause.

Winter is coming, it will be very tough for the refugees.

And big thank you again to the ones who have been sending me warm support and donated.

I will go again.

Love and peace.

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