Volunteer stories: Fidelma (Jun 16)

In one way the time here has flown, in another I feel I have been in Greece for ages. I have a lot to reflect on.

People have commented that what I am doing must be very challenging. But actually it’s not, not at all – it has been a joy to serve. I know that in my short time here I have contributed along with the other volunteers to making a small difference to the everyday lives of those people who live in the Alexandreia Refugee Camp.

The funds I raised from the many many kind and generous donors, most of whom I know personally but some who I have never met, are being used to help bring stability, a little certainty and most of all some dignity to the children, women and men stranded here.

Coming here has been humbling, energising, inspiring and a lot of fun. The real challenge for me was always sitting at home watching events unfold and feeling helpless. So being here, rolling up my sleeves and just getting on with it has meant that I have been able to respond to my second favourite quote (though have no idea who said it first) “Just because you can’t do something for everyone, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something for someone.”

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