The power of volunteers is huge

We can’t do anything without volunteers.

We’ve seen about 450 now from California to New Zealand, from 15 years of age to 78, from all walks of life, all united in a commitment to support the refugees in Greece. What we offer is a system that allows them to get started straightaway and help give some dignity. Every volunteer has built on the previous one to increase and improve what we do and each one can leave knowing that they have made a difference.

We ask volunteers to pay for their own travel, accommodation and subsistence, to come for betweeen 2-4 weeks and to be prepared to get involved with whatever is needed. No special skills are needed – they just need to have a ready smile and want to help.

We’re immensely proud of them and you can read some of their stories here.

If you would like to volunteer, you can start the process here.

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