Latest demographic profile

We have received the most recent data on the 731 refugees now registered in the camp. The overall profile is similar to a week ago  – we still have 42% who are under the age of 15 and very few elderly people. We now have 40 who are under the age of 2. There are still more men than women but the gap has closed a little. It is still almost exclusively Syrian.

This data not only helps us to track how the profile of the camp is changing but enables us to plan for the delivery and distribution of age- and gender- dependent essentials so that we can use resources as efficiently as possible. We also have shoe sizes for most residents!

We don’t have medical information which of course needs to be handled confidentially and sensitively but there is a need to understand better their health needs. We are in the process of recruiting qualified medical staff who can carry out a professional health audit and enable us to address those needs. Similarly, educational needs is another priority.

The capacity for the camp is 800 so we are getting close to that but about 150 have registered at the camp and then left. They are of course free to leave whenever they wish, just as they are free to come and go while living here. Some have heard about other camps, some want to be united with family members in other locations and many are still looking for opportunities to continue their journey into Northern Europe.

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