Hannah joins the team as Office Manager

My first week with Refugee Support Europe was spent at the Dignity Centre in Ioannina Greece, helping in the distribution of food and hygiene products. I found that treating those fleeing conflict and persecution with dignity was at the centre of the work carried out by the team of volunteers.

I have been active in the Refugee Welcome movement since 2015 having volunteered in France alongside Citizens UK in gathering data of the first unaccompanied minors to be reunified with their family Dubs III amendment.

I have a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the political and economic drivers of migration, as well as the legal remedies and political constraints in providing safe passage, from studying African Studies and Development studies at SOAS University of London.

As a researcher for a Human Rights NGO pertaining to the Middle East and North Africa, I focused on individual cases, as well as the broader political influences on Human Rights in the region. Specialising in access to fair trials, prisoners of conscience, unjust extraditions, and the breakdown of justice Post Arab-Spring, as well as Palestinian Rights under Israeli occupation. This broad research has given me an understanding of the vital importance of NGOs in highlighting injustice, lobbying for change, and providing material support.

I am grateful to join Refugee Support Europe community at such an exciting time, with change and growth on the horizon, and look forward working to continue to provide aid with dignity and being a part of an growing global team of volunteers

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