Alexandreia kitchen

Alexandreia camp resident Omar here talks about how the camp’s community kitchen works and how important it is. A joint team of residents and volunteers produce an Arabic meal once a day, six days a week for the camp.

We serve between 150 and 450 nutritious and tasty meals each day and offer that as a take-away service for all residents. The catering provided by the army stopped in April 2017 but even before that, the food was not popular. By providing a range of locally sourced, fresh produce and Arabic spices, we can serve healthy food that we know people want. It’s a great activity for people on the camp to get involved in and a popular activity among the volunteers.

Providing the kitchen was a time-consuming and costly job. The camp management had many health and safety concerns that we needed to overcome and a donor that originally committed to the development pulled out. The support from others and the hard work from volunteers allowed us to persevere and make this one of our most important activities.

This is one of a series of videos that volunteer Victor is producing about our activities.

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