We rocked it for Ukraine!

The financial planning community has organised another event to support our work and this one raised over £45,000!

Following on from the PFS and the Lang Cat conferences which each raised over £4,000, the organisers once again rallied the community to mark the one year anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine with a brilliant night of song, dance and auctioneering.

The band Consumer Duty played two sets of floor fillers.

Not only do they know how to raise money, the 200 attendees know to dance!

We got an opportunity to talk at this iconic venue and explain how their support will help. After one year in Moldova, we have helped over 50,000 people to collect free essentials from our Dignity Market and are now a critical lifeline in Chisinau.

The prevailing mood in Chisinau now is one of uncertainty as families try to decide whether to settle in Moldova, move to another country or to return to Ukraine.

Displacement always presents these terrible choices and our continued presence at least offers some normality and solidarity at this difficult time.

The Ukrainian spirit was on display with two young singers impressing the audience with incredibly vigorous and committed performances. Prepare to be wowed:

With any event of this scale, there are a huge number of people involved in helping. Phil Billingham, David Crozier and Mark Polson were instrumental in organising it. Ruth Sturkey who was our MC, Kate Shaw collected pledges on the night, Mark Locke ran around raising sponsorship, Tom Baigrie facilitated the fantastic auction, and Carmen Reichman was photographer.

The people who came along dug into their pockets on the night and we had solid sponsorship support from Nucleus, Novia, Morningstar, M&G Wealth, Quilter, Transact, the Lang Cat, Threesixty, Abrdn, The Yardstick Agency, and Lifesearch.

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