Volunteer stories: Paul (Jun 16)

Today I:

  • sat in a stifling tent and listened to a father explain how a dismissive and unsympathetic doctor would not treat his 2 year old daughter for a suspected heart condition and told him to make an appointment for September while his wife sat grey faced with her head in her hands
  • had no words for the angry and wonderful man who had accompanied that worried family to the hospital and could not believe the way they had been treated
    gave 2 anti-histamine tablets to a man with at least 100 mosquito bites that he had scratched until they were open sores
  • put insect bite gel on a baby’s face knowing that there would be a new set of bites tomorrow
  • paid for 4 people to take a 3 hour round trip to the dentist to be told they needed to return on Monday
  • saw the young graduate who has made at least 5,000 Skype calls (sic) still trying to get through even though the only time it was answered (on call 4,000 or so) the call hung up after 19 seconds
  • listen to a man whose pregnant wife is spotting blood say he would prefer to take her and his 3 young children back to Syria and die there than suffer any longer in this refugee camp
  • wondered whether we should be providing a family with a bottle of shampoo once a fortnight or once every 3 weeks

There was more. Some of it was good but it feels totally inadequate.

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