Volunteer stories: Meester John (May 16)

I will be leaving on Wednesday for a 7 day break in UK. It will be my second break and I am sure this time it will be even harder to leave my friends than it was last time. We have so much more to do. I do however comfort myself with what we have achieved in just 2 months.

We have our “Free Shop” running on a very good rota that gives our residents real comfort in knowing that they will all be treated equally and with dignity and they do not need to worry about anyone getting something that they don’t all get. We all ways supply the basic essentials such as Nappies, Milk, Tea, Coffee, Soap etc.

Next is our Free Clothes Shop where we serve one family at a time in rotation so everyone gets the option to visit once a week and choose 3 items per family member, it has been a great success in it’s first week and will be improved as we learn.

Work has at last started on the Kitchen and Relaxing space and should be finished in the next 10 days. This was one of my first ideas but has taken time to happen unfortunately but hey it is happening.

I go away leaving a camp that is safe, people are settling into a routine and are just so friendly.

None of this would have happened without great volunteers thank you to everyone of them. We are privileged to work with a great bunch of people from the Greek Army who go way beyond the call of duty, they are lead by a Colonel who I respect greatly and I know genuinely cares for the people he is charged to look after ‪#‎lovethegreekarmy‬

The local community of Alexandria have welcomed us and the Refugees with open arms and I am so grateful for that. Last but not least a big big thank you to all our supporters and donors without you non of this would be possible.

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