Volunteer story: Tahmina (May 18)

In the current climate, it’s hard to think that the contributions of a single individual over two weeks would ever make an impact on the broader refugee crisis. But it’s the combined efforts of volunteers throughout the year, and the consistent leadership of John and Paul in working towards a long term goal that makes all the difference.

During my time at Katsikas, the other volunteers and I worked with kids and adults to produce a wall mural that welcomes anyone entering the warehouse with a message of solidarity and hope for a more peaceful future.

Every day Refugee Support Europe is doing amazing work in Greece, providing ‘aid with dignity’ to people who’ve been forced to flee their homes due to violence and persecution.

Displaced peoples have lost so much, and this organisation tries their best to provide not only basic necessities like food and clothing on the ground but also dedicating time and resources to kid’s time every afternoon.

With a focus on providing aid in the most dignified ways possible, Refugee Support Europe is a testament to the power of grass-roots work in connecting volunteers and people across the world to the experiences of refugees.

If you’re considering volunteering with Refugee Support Europe in Greece, take the plunge and register your interest now! It’s a decision you’ll never regret, and an experience you’ll never forget 🙂

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