Thanks to The Funding Network!

We were delighted to receive significant funding for our points-based free shops in Alexandreia and Filippiada from the generous members of The Funding Network .

After going through a rigorous selection process, we were asked to present Refugee Support together with 3 other charities at their festive event in central London on the evening of 1 December.

It was a bit like a Dragon’s Den and all were worthy recipients for funding. So it felt like the competition was stiff but thanks to the spirit of this event we all did well.

Paul Hutchings presented while volunteers Leticia Garcia, Ellie Kostick, Sarah Thorne (who also work hard interviewing and selecting our new volunteers), Rhys Evans and Amber Bauer wowed the members with their stories about our work.

It was a fun night out for us all and a very rewarding recognition of what we are trying to do.

But the best thing is those funds will help us to improve the health and well-being of the refugees who have lost so much and now really need nutritious food.

And just as important is the opportunity it gives us to:

  • Provide the food with dignity using a points-based system that gives them choices about what they want
  • Allow them to prepare food that gives them a taste of Syria
  • Offer some normality to what have been very chaotic lives
  • Give them some control in an environment where their futures are very uncertain
  • Support the Greek economy by buying that produce locally

We look forward to providing an impact report to the members in 6 months to let them know how valuable their support has been.

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