RS Express – Three Months in Cyprus

Three months in Cyprus

It’s been a busy couple of months in Nicosia, Cyprus. We’ve updated our website to explain where we are with the project, and we are very optimistic about how well this will help people rebuild their lives.

The idea as always is to fill the gaps, put dignity at the heart of what we do, and enable refugees to rebuild their lives. We are working closely with the other refugee and community organisations in the country.

The Dignity Centre is now open!

We are also thrilled to announce that we have now opened the Dignity Centre. In just 10 weeks, we located a three floor building, completely refurbished it, and opened. This has all been made possible by Refugee Support Europe’s fantastic donors, supporters and volunteers and we can not thank them enough.

We registered 74 members on our first day. Everyone can become a member for free, and this project is about helping refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants start the long journey to an independent life. We now have over 200 members, and this number is increasing rapidly.

What’s next for the Dignity Centre

We will listen to our members to find out what they require. At present, we are using the classrooms to focus on teaching languages, a women’s space where we are providing sewing machines, and we plan to build a hairdressers. The children’s space allows parents to use the centre in the knowledge that their children are safe and having a fun time. Downstairs in the men’s space, we have secondhand bicycles for all members to use, and are consulting closely to see what else is needed.

We have had many requests to build a gym, which is now on our to do list, and we have begun a children’s dance club on Saturday mornings, and plan to offer a yoga club for adults twice a week. In response to feedback, we will continue to improve. Finally, we installed a table tennis table last week, and air-conditioning on two floors, and will install air-conditioning on the final floor as soon as funding allows.

Again, all of this work is only possible due to our fabulous donors, supporters and volunteers. If anyone is interested in volunteering in Cyprus please get in touch with us today.

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Thanks for reading!

Please contact us today at if you’d like to get involved with the Dignity Centre.

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