Urgent funding needed to save the lives of two at-risk Afgan girls

Asra and Sadra are two resilient little Afghan girls who suffer from Beta Thalassemia Major, the most severe form of this genetic disease that requires access to highly specialised medical care.

Sadly, due to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, their condition has deteriorated significantly over the last 12 months and doctors do not expect the girls to live to their 13th birthdays.

We are working with Laura Deitz to help these two girls. She is a long-time friend, supporter and monthly donor of RSE who has helped secure funding for RSE projects and programs since 2016.

Laura and a team of international volunteers are working around the clock to raise £50,000 so these children can receive urgent and life saving treatment at King’s College London Private Hospital. This will immediately significantly improve their quality of life and ensure the girls have a near normal life expectancy.

Their Father was a courageous hero who saved countless lives of UK and European nationals during his career in Afghanistan. Now, the family needs your help to save Asra and Sadra.

Thank you for your support, compassion, and generosity. Please give what you can below.


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