Melina Macall: Uniting the States of America with Syrian food

On our recent tour to the US we spoke at a United Tastes of America event in Montclair NJ and were inspired by what the two founders – Melina and Kate – have achieved by bringing people together over food. Their motto is something we’d love to see more of right now: Breaking Bread, Building Bridges.

In this podcast we speak to founder Melina Macall who, together with her friend Kate, was so appalled at the public hostility of their state governor to Syrian refugees in 2015 that they had to do something to counter it. Melina describes how what started as a Christmas get-together for local Jewish and Muslim residents has turned into regular events in people’s homes and businesses.

It’s a brlliant project where Syrians now in the US get to share their culture, heritage and family traditions. They use the skills and talents they naturally have to meet new friends, help support their families and acclimatize to their new home.

Programmes like this are now more important than ever.


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