A baby boom at LM Village and still rising

We’ve seen the number of nappies and diapers we distribute at LM Village steadily rising and it looks like that is set to increase.

Analysing the profile of the camp, there are now just as many 0-3 year olds as there are children aged 4 to 15. Many of these have been born at LM Village and almost all of them will have been born in another Greek camp or on their parents’ journey here.

Even more staggering is the discovery that over a third of the women on the camp are pregnant. It is a lot higher than anywhere else we have worked.

We’re not sure why this is. Life is not easy but they are safe and secure here. There is certainly a lot of boredom on the camp. But the most likely reason is the inconsistent and unreliable supply of contraception. It looks like another failure in basic healthcare.

Babies and young mothers are particularly vulnerable and we will continue to support them as much as we can. Pregnant women get an extra 50 points to spend in their weekly shop. Thanks to the support of Carry the Future, every new baby gets a goody-filled moses basket and we provide every child who needs them with a regular weekly supply of diapers and nappies.

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