Volunteer story: Juliette (Aug 16)

When I decided to work in the camp I was scared that seeing all these refugees without anything destroyed the positive vision I have of a lot of things in the world.

It is easy just to stop believing in a peaceful and generous world when you are in front of these people but you make me believe in humanity. Refugee Support make things beautiful, by giving to refugees who lost everything, decent condition of life and even happiness, thanks to all the extra activities you organized. You don’t help them to survive, you help them to live.

Of course I have been sad and angry during this month seeing children, women and men living in these conditions. I had no idea of this reality, like a lot of people. I am ashamed realizing that my country, our countries which pretend to be the representative of human right just ignore this situation and even worse, treat these people without respect and dignity. People must be made aware of what is going on to force them to act instead of looking elsewhere. It is too easy to pretend that it is not our fight. That is not refugees’ problem, that is our problem. And working with you made me realize this, and that we can and we must do something.

I think you, all the volunteers and refugees gave me more than I gave during this month and I would like to thank you for that. It changed my view of things and I think it also changed who I am and who I want to be. Being in contact with people giving everything without expecting anything in return and with people who don’t have anything to offer but who give you what little they have, it could be tea or just a smile, remind me how this world can be beautiful and that we need to take care of it.

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