Volunteer stories: Jorge (Sep 16)

All this adventure started with a 24h trip from Madrid to Alexandreia. The worst trip ever: 11 hours waiting in Barcelona to the next airplane, 3 hours waiting to the train to alexandreia… when we arrived we slept for nearly 16 hours (normal in me).

Then we had the first dinner with the volunteers, we met the american ninjas and the wales team that were living the next day, in that moment they were more or less 80% of the volunteers that were in refugee support in that moment.
The next day we started to work in camp. We met Patrick Smith (nicest man on earth, the “templanza” guy) and Florrie Anne Dunn (the meanest woman on earth, my little precious). They taught us everything with Jessica Haworth, the black heart woman, and Pilar Olivares Giner, part of the first Spanish crew.

I miss you guys, i hope i see you soon.

Those days also we met Sam James the tank, my piratewhore, my Little putita. I will always be your beastwhore. I like you……… but you are crazy 🙂 After Jess, Paddy and Florie broke our hearts and went home, Toby arrived. Laura is not the only one that loves you, i love you too! 😉

For that moment we already had a lot of adventures in camp. I became the “no-chocolata” monster for the kids, Laura was in love with all the girls, a lot of boutique, a lot of shop, a lot of new friends.. great time for us.

Suddenly María Solla Fernández (new member of the spanish crew!),the loca and mala Wanita Maher, my beersistah Amber Bauer and the smiley Ingrid VanLoo Plowman appear 🙂 And the German revolution was coming. We thought there would not be enough work to do for everybody, and actually there was too much work for everybody.. haha The German revolution came with a lot of nice and well organised people that was great to work together. The best and funniest socialworker in Germany: Dominique Vcb 😉 , her brother who was injured several times during work, the perfect complement for sam: Kuba Kaliszewski (for work and party), his girlfriend Julia (who also takes care of streetdogs there), Susanne and Lea, really nice girls 🙂 , Sara Kleis, another loca like wanita :), and… the German godmother Daniela Villeneuve!

I also love youuu, i hope i see you soon!

I have to mention Mohamed, Luca, Anna (i will send her flowers from Spain everymorning), Tasos my old rocknroll friend, and the scottish John Connor from the movie Terminator. All really nice and cool people. Paul mi jefe, Sarah my godmother and the funny John THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I see you in september again.

It was such a great time

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