Erica: Cyprus (Mar 22) Moldova (Apr and Oct 22)


I feel that the people from Ukraine feel very grateful with our job in Moldova. Even with the communication barrier, most of the people show in their eyes, in their shy smile, in some gestures, that they feel very thankful for the help we provide to their people.

Some of them, the ones we are able to communicate with in English, they keep mentioning they are able to “shop” with dignity as they are free to choose whatever they want to take home, instead of grabbing a bag with the same items for everyone. Some of them also mentioned they don’t have the perfect conditions to cook, and therefore they’d rather take food items which don’t need to be cooked, or take hygiene items.

We can feel that the people leave our Dignity Centre very happy, despite all their problems outside there.

Personally, I am very sensitive to the older people. Listening to their stories, watching them arriving in Moldova by themselves, sometimes alone, sometimes with daughter and grandsons. But just to think that these people left their lifetime homes to flee for an unknown country, and that they may be not able to came back…this breaks my heart.

I am a very optimistic and positive personality, so for me it’s hard to show that I am down or sad. At least I try not to. I keep every time a smile and good energy and positive vibes that I try to pass into the ones around me. But these does not mean that I don’t feel sadness for Ukraine, especially for the older generations. This last time in Moldova two of these old ladies almost made my eyes drop tears.

To finish I must tell you that all my experiences with RSE are always very positive and that I am very happy to collaborate with such organisation which I trust and I know it does the best. Thank you once again for the opportunity, especially the opportunity to be able to work with wonderful souls such as Paula and Summer, for their qualities that inspire others: initiative, resilience, motivation, empathy, teamwork, availability, commitment and respect. I remember both of them with great friendship.