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Join us on the new refugee route in 2019:


The number of refugees in Greece has doubled since we arrived in April 2016; the figure currently stands at an outrageous 100,000. The camps on the islands are squalid, and dangerous open prisons. 2018 saw a 70% increase in the number of refugees making the journey overland through northern Turkey and across the river Evros. At least 15,000 people made this dangerous journey.


We’ve worked on seven of Greece’s official camps offering our aid with dignity through our caring, enthusiastic volunteers. Our free shop at Katsikas distributes €4,500 of food every week using RS tokens to around1,100 refugees.


Last year, 20 of us came together from different countries, backgrounds and generations to unite in supporting refugees. We retraced the refugee route by walking from Idomeni to Skopje, and finished the week not only having raised over £25,000, but having made friends for life.

Take a look at this video created by walker Andy, one of our walkers from last year:

You can find out more about the plan and how to sign up on our official walk the refugee route page. It was a great success last year, and we received fantastic feedback and support from our walkers.

Rachael Pettus said of the people she walked with last year:

“I miss them. Really. The twenty strangers-one-week-since with whom I shared 100 kilometres of road and track and tortoises, mallow, and poppies. Such a disparate crew we were… But as was said more than once on the final day of our walk: “Such a fine bunch  of people! No-one was a dick, and no-one really lost their shit despite the stress…” I guess we have all been tempered and tested in other fires, and that shone through in our caring for each other.”

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Volunteers reunite to remember the past and plan for the future

John and Paul have arranged a fun weekend of workshops, gossip, and plans for Refugee Supports future – and if you’ve volunteered, like YOU’RE invited!

When John and Paul first set up Refugee Support, they wanted to create an organisation that was able to help refugees in need AND give people who cared the opportunity and means to be able to help and make a difference, and they need our help and input now to plan for our fourth year aiding with dignity.

So, what’s the plan?

The reunion is taking place on 2-3 March over two days.

The team have managed to negotiate a very good rate with a top class hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon, and any volunteers who would like to join us at the hotel, here’s the costing we have secured:

Sharing is £70 (we can help sort out sharing)

£45 for room, £25 for dinner and breakfast
Tea and coffee will also be served during workshops

Single Room £115
(£90 for room, £25 for dinner and teas and coffee)

If you would like to join us for dinner and the workshop but would like arrange your own accommodation, the cost is £25. You’re also welcome to join us for just the workshop or dinner.

John would like to start the day on Saturday with a blank piece of paper, and by Sunday have it full of ideas as to how we move forward. Of course, everyone is welcome to bring questions to the tables, but two in particular that we’d like to discuss are:

should we be looking at other countries? And: how can we empower Refugees to have more control over their own lives?

We currently have 20 people who have confirmed that they will be coming, but the . Of course, our friends from all over the world are welcome to join us, not just our UK members.

So if you’d like to join us, please e-mail John to let us know that you’re coming and would like to book a room/dinner, or post on our Facebook event.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next week.

Please contact us today at if you’d like join us at our upcoming fundraisers for refugees.

Refugee Support

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