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For our latest podcast, Paul spoke to his friend, journalist and photographer Sean Hawkey.

Sean has travelled for a month with the Honduran ‘Migrant Caravan’: a movement that has been followed, scrutinised and misreported by much of the media around the world.

This podcast is a moving, intimate account of travelling with people who had no choice but to flee to the States.

In a recent Twitter outburst, Donald Trump labelled those travelling with the caravan as ‘stone cold criminals’, following his comment with a threat to ‘close the Border permanently if need be.’

However, with detailed, first-hand knowledge of Honduras and the Honduran people, Sean talks in this podcast about what has driven these people to head north, who they are, and what their prospects are now.

And they don’t sound like criminals to us.

They are refugees, and like all refugees, they are a cross-section of society with many children. Whilst they have been shown solidarity from Mexicans throughout their journey, they now face hostility in Tijuana and across the border in the US.

Paul and John will be travelling to Tijuana on 1 December to show solidarity with the refugees from Central America and offer help to those in need.

Please support us if you can donating here! Everything we raise will be used to support people stuck in Mexico at the US border.


We are still looking for a couple more volunteers to join us at Katsikas camp over Christmas and New Year!

So if you would like to volunteer at a refugee camp over Christmas, join the Refugee Support family today.

We’re a friendly charity reliant on the kindness and generosity of donors and volunteers. Your hard work will go far, as you help make a difference to people’s lives by helping restore some normality and dignity. Check out some of our volunteer stories for a taste of what it’s like to work with us.

We always love welcoming back previous volunteers too, so if you’ve volunteered with us before and have some time to spare, please do join us again.

If you’d like to volunteer at a refugee camp over Christmas, please get in touch today.


Following the success of last year’s ‘Walk the Refugee Walk’, we are organising a second Walk the Refugee Route for May 2019. To highlight the perilous route that thousands are now taking to get into Europe, we will walk 100km to Thessaloniki over the week.

This walk is an opportunity to raise awareness and essential funds while walking with like-minded people through the Greek countryside and we hope many of you will join us.

To find out more and apply today, please visit this page for more details.

people helping people

On Saturday evening, our co-founder John did a presentation about our work at Burley-in-Wharfedale Methodist Church. We have the honour of being their ‘Charity of the Year’ and are very grateful for the money they are collecting.

On Saturday evening, they collected further a £500 in donations. With that £500, we have been able to purchase a full pallet of rice for our free shop at Katsikas camp.

Thank you Burley-in-Wharfedale for your continued generosity and support.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next week.

Please contact us today at if you’d like to volunteer at a refugee camp.

Refugee Support

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