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Thursday 27 September 2018


Join our fundraising tour

Can you help deliver dignity to refugees in Greece?

We want you to help us on our 2018 fundraising tour, as we try to spread the message of solidarity with refugees around the world, and raise vital funds.

As a non-government organisation, we rely solely on private donations to help us aid refugees in Greece with dignity.

Can you organise a talk at your company, trade union or organisation? You be as creative as you like. In the past, we’ve spoken at club night’s, dinners, and founders Paul and John are available to speak about our work at your fundraiser.

Every penny of your donation goes towards helping refugees, as all of our volunteers are self-funded, so please get in touch if you would like to help refugees in Greece by throwing a fantastic fundraiser.

Keeping up with Katsikas

New residents have begun to arrive at Kastikas camp, as our volunteers prepare to welcome over 500 new people to the camp over the coming week.

The new residents will see the camp’s capacity double from 450 to 1,000, and everyone has worked hard to ensure that the free shop is stocked with nutritious food for new and existing residents.

Thank you to all donors and volunteers who have helped us so far to prepare for these big changes. If you’d like to help us support residents as costs continue to rise, we’d be very grateful for regular donations. No donation is too small.

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Standing with refugees podcast

For our latest podcast, Paul spoke to fellow Brightonian, Joy Stacey of the Silat Network.

The Silat Network is a digital, not-for-profit platform. Silat helps refugees, people living in conflict zones, and those economically deprived due to neighboring conflicts to apply for higher education and mentorships in the US and Europe.

There are plenty of scholarships and university places available. However, unlike those already at school or universities, training for applying and interviewing for higher education and mentorships is not free for refugees. To add insult to injury, university websites and their applications process can be very difficult to navigate for those who can’t access it.

Whilst there are private companies that offer such training for a fee, the Silat Network offers it for free to refugees in Palestine and Lebanon.

In this podcast, Paul and Joy discuss the bureaucracy of this part of the education system, the corruption in education training being privileged, and the fantastic work that the Silat Network is doing to help break these barriers to higher education for refugees.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next week.

Please contact us today at if you would like to help refugees in Greece or get in contact.

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